Bulk Materials Handling Equipment and Weighing Process Control Systems
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Suppliers of Bulk Materials Handling Equipment, Weighing and Process Control Systems

CJ Waterhouse Co. Ltd is a UK based company that specialises in the design and implementation of bulk materials handling, weighing and process control systems for a range of industries. We have many years’ experience in the supply of materials handling equipment and services to various process industries. We can design bespoke solutions to cover a range of processes in a wide range of industry sectors.

We offer tailor made, bulk and loose materials handling solutions that are designed to meet your specific plant requirements. The range of process control systems and equipment we can design and implement includes:

  • Batch Weighting
  • Loss-in-weight Systems
  • Mechanical Transfer
  • Vacuum Conveying
  • Control and Automation
  • Engineering Services
  • Continuous Weighting
  • Dosing & Feeding
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Storage & Discharge
  • Bespoke Machinery
  • Turn-Key Systems
  • Industrial valves
  • Automated sack emptying
  • High speed packaging solution
  • Palletisation systems
  • Industrial Valves
  • Sack emptying systems

Our materials handling and process control systems are used in a wide range of industries including Rubber and Plastics, Chemicals, Animal and Pet Feeds, Aggregates, Paints and Liquids. Whatever industry sector you work in, we can design, supply and implement a system for you. Our bulk materials handling equipment helps speed up your factory processes and save you money.

In addition to our extensive range of materials handling and process control systems we are also the UK partner company to Umbra packaging and Comav .  Umbra manufacture high speed packing and palletisation systems and Comav manufacture industrial valves and automated discharging and sack emptying equipment.  For more information please visit Our Partner Companies page.

If you would like to discuss how we can help with systems design or if you would like any further information call CJ Waterhouse Ltd now on 01636 610792.

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