Bulk Material Storage and Discharge Systems
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Material Storage & Discharge

Material Storage and Discharge Systems

Whatever your Material Storage & Discharge system requirements C J Waterhouse Co Ltd has the equipment to fulfil your specific needs, from bulk silos to FIBC stations and sack emptying equipment

Raw material supplied as sacks, bulk bags / bins or by tanker can all be handled, discharged and proportioned into the production process utilising our range of storage and discharging equipment .

From simple sack tip or RIBC discharge stations and more sophisticated FIBC stations incorporating self sealing vibratory tables, interlocked neck clamps and bag massage systems to bulk silos and outdoor storage hoppers, we can provide the most suitable storage and discharge solution for your raw materials handling requirements.

C J Waterhouse Co are also the UK partner company to Comav who manufacture a range of automated sack emptying equipment and de-palletisation systems.


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Material Storage & Discharge