Bespoke Packing System


C J Waterhouse company limited were initially approached in 2020 by a large food flavouring and additive manufacturer to develop a bespoke solution to overcome a specific production problem.

The problem, which had arisen following the onset of a new product range for a international food manufacturer, was to pack a continuous stream of flavouring sachets into customer specific boxes.

The sachet stream needed to be layered into the boxes in such a manner as to allow the end customer to extract the stream from the box and feed it into their production line as a continuous stream for automated inclusion within their end product.

The brief was to provide a solution which would take two material streams directly from the existing form, fill & seal machine and layer them into two boxes, each sachet needed to be counted and the streams automatically cut when the required count was achieved.

Following initial concept design the machine development began with a number of prototype models to achieve the required layering pattern within the boxes.  Once the layering system was proved we went on to develop the stream feed / tensioning system and the delivery system.  The final part of the system development was the box carriage system which moves backwards & forwards whilst automatically lowering.  This box movement coupled with the swinging feed chute provides a 3 axis positioning system.

The finished system was supplied to the customer during the first quarter of 2021 and has been in operation ever since.

For more information on this bespoke solution please view the project case study or contact us directly to discuss your requirements