Control & Automation

Plant Control

CJ Waterhouse Co. Ltd offers bespoke control systems focused on practical application and end user functionality. With applications ranging from standalone machine automation to sophisticated plant wide PLC/ PC control & manufacturing systems we can offer the level of automation to suit your specific requirements.

Physical plant control normally comprises of a central control panel housing the relevant PLC and associated control equipment. A full arrangement of manual operation controls and indicators is always supplied to permit the manual operation of plant equipment

Plant Automation

CJ Waterhouse Co. Ltd. has extensive experience working with all major PLC manufactures such as Mitsubishi, Siemens and Allen Bradley. Our diverse knowledge of such systems allows us to work with our customers detailed specifications to supply a control philosophy to suit their requirements.

From standalone machine control to factory wide automation incorporation bulk storage, weighing, processing and packing we can offer the best possible solution in terms of functionality, performance and cost.

KS-Series Production Scheduling & Recipe Handling Software

Our KS series Production Control Software has evolved through continuous development and customer liaison into our latest server based version, KS3000 running upon a Windows platform operating system, providing a fully integrated Production Control System for batching and mixing applications.

The system, based on a standard database structure, incorporates material and compound databases, production scheduling, recipe handling, weighing and feeding control, mixing and downstream process control, material stock monitoring, batch reporting, error and alarm monitoring to provide a reliable and flexible control package.

SCADA & HMI Systems

From Rubber Compounding Industries to Airport Baggage Handling Controls our diverse knowledge of a variety of SCADA & HMI systems enables us to provide a comprehensive control and data acquisition packages with clear and concise graphics and user interface.

SCADA & HMI systems can be supplied for single machine mimics through to complete plant control and data acquisition system applications to ensure your plant and process is continuously monitored.

Combine this with our extensive experience of working with all major PLC’s and you can be sure of a totally versatile system designed and developed to suit your exact needs.
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