Packaging & Palletisation

In addition to our extensive range of front end materials handling machinery and systems
C J Waterhouse Company also supply a range of manual and automated packaging and palletisation systems for loose dry materials. From basic open mouth bag filling systems with manual bag placing to fully automated packaging and palletisation lines and automated FIBC filling machinery we are able to supply the end of line solution that exactly suits your specific production requirements.

FIBC Filling Systems

We can fulfil your entire bulk bag filling system requirements with either semi or fully automated solutions. With systems ranging from manual filling machines comprising of a simple bag frame and filling spout with push button control of the filling operation to multi station filling lines with automated neck sealing, dosing, weighing and transfer mechanism we can supply a filling solution to suit you bulk packing requirements.

Manual Bag Filling Lines

For lower throughputs and production requirements we can offer basic sack filling solutions with either manual or automated bag loading, removal and sealing. Systems can be supplied to work with any bag shape, size and material with batching accuracies to suit your process requirements.

Automated Bag Filling Lines

C J Waterhouse are the UK partner to Umbra-Packaging, one of the world’s leading experts in automated open mouth bag packaging and palletisation systems.

From their headquarters in Perugia Italy, Umbra manufacture a range of high speed placing, filling and sealing machines for pre-made bags. Their machinery is capable of handling any bag type with integrated handles, slide locks and bespoke fastening systems at sizes from 300g to 30Kg. Single and duplex machines are available with packing speeds of up to 2000 bags per hour.

Umbra manufacture two basic lines of packaging machine; the UP1000 which handles larger format bags from 1 to 30Kg and the UP-Mini which handles smaller pack sizes from 300g to 5Kg. Both machines are available with a number of options to suit the customer’s specific requirements such as:

Roll feed system
Sealing or Stitching closure
Printing & label application
Purging & air removal
High capacity bag stack reservoir
Handling of bespoke bags (handles, end user closing systems etc.)

Palletisation - UPR

Umbra also manufacture a high speed end of line palletisation machine, the UPR which is capable of handling bags and boxes with weights ranging from 1Kg to 50Kg and throughputs of up to approximately 1800 bags per hour. The machine operates by supplying filled bags via a feed conveyor system to the palletiser hand which lifts the bag and positions it upon the stack creation plate. Once the plate is fully loaded with the required format the plate is removed and the layer of bags is positioned on the pallet located beneath. This operation is repeated until the required stack height is achieved.

For smaller bags a collation system is incorporated within the palletiser feed conveyor which can either collate the packs into multiples or place packs within a box. This box or collated pack then travels to the palletiser as with the larger bags for palletisation. The palletiser unit can accommodate numerous stacking layouts and can be used for both large bags and collated packs using the same machine using the integrated control software.

Robotic Arm Palletisation

For lower throughputs and less specialised palletisation requirements we can incorporate any third party mult-access robotic arm palletisation system required. These units can be added to both our semi-automatic packing lines or Umbra’s fully automated machines.

Pallet Wrapping

Automated pallet wrapping solutions and be incorporated at the final position of you end of line packing system and can be supplied as rotating arm or rotating pallet type solutions. Rotating arm solutions are generally supplied for clients looking for an extremely neat pallet stack and especially where smaller pack sizes are to be palletised as the pallet remains stationary during the wrapping process. Additional option can be added which include top sheet or hood application, base card application and inter-layer sheet application.
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