Control & Automation

Plant Control

CJ Waterhouse Co. Ltd provide customised plant wide control and automation solutions for both mechanical equipment supplied by us and for third party machinery and process lines.

Process line automation systems incorporate machine starting applications, automation hardware / software, communication networks and data presentation systems to provide a truly turn-key solution.

From initial consultation to system design right the way through to commissioning and plant start up we closely liaise with our clients to ensure the best possible automation solution is achieved for your specific plant requirements

CJ Waterhouse Co. Ltd provide customised plant wide control and automation solutions for both mechanical equipment supplied by us and for third party machinery and process lines.

Control Panel Design & Manufacture

Automation control panels are designed in-house by our electrical systems engineers to provide plant specific machine and process operation.

All our panels are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and utilise off the shelf components from some of the worlds largest and trusted automation component manufacturers such as: Siemens, Schneider, and Pilz to name just a few.

We adhere to all current design and wiring legislation and can supply control panels to satisfy worldwide requirements in terms of quality, safety and international legislations.

Software Development

All plant automation software whether it be for PLC sequence control, SCADA / HMI data presentation or PC based scheduling software is developed in house by our team of systems engineers.

Close liiason with our customers ensure we supply software solutions to provide fully automated software system to operate your plant the way you want.

We can develop PLC, SCADA & HMI software for any industry utilising the platform and manufacturer of your choice, such as:

  • Siemens
  • Mitsubishi
  • Allen Bradley
  • Omron
  • Schneider
  • InTouch

SCADA & HMI Systems

SCADA & HMI systems provide plant  operators with an effective interface to the associated machinery and processes. Such systems are utilised to provide the user with live information both in graphical and data format together with permitting system configuration and set up.

More complex systems can incorporate material stock control, in depth batch reporting and diagnostics along with live and historical trending.

Our SCADA and HMI systems are developed in-house and are designed to exactly reflect your plant equipment and specific site requirements.  Through initial and ongoing engineering discussions we get a true understanding of your manufacturing process and develop a data presentation system that reflects your exact process.

Clear graphical displays and data tables together with simple configuration screens and operator controls ensure that our software solution fulfil your most exacting requirements with respect to functionality, ease of use and budget.

KS-Series Production Control

Our KS-Series software provides automated production control and scheduling for both single and multiple batching & mixing process lines.  The software operates upon a Microsoft Windows platform and has been developed to have a similar  appearance and functionality to that of commonly used Windows software programs.

The bespoke software is based around a Sequel Server database system which permits real time access from multiple terminals.  The database houses all raw materials together with specific mixing or process functions from which  individual recipe’s or compounds can be created.

Once a recipe has been created and saved it can be added to the schedule list for production where numerous batch specific settings can be applied such as total quantity, scale factor etc.

Created recipes are all given individual reference numbers and can be copied, pasted and edited to create a new formula.

The system stores all completed batch data including target weight, actual weight and specific data as batch logs which can be printed, exported or simply saved for future reference.  These batch logs can be located by performing a date range, compound type or material inclusion search at any time.  Each KS-Series software package is custom developed for the customer to incorporate their specific production requirements, unnecessary options are removed from the interface to keep the system user friendly and as simple as possible.  Like wise additional functionality can be added for more complex production requirements.