Feeding & Dosing

Feeding and dosing systems are designed to accurately dispense your materials to a specific downstream process, storage vessel or weighing system.  For precision dosing systems we incorporate feeder shut off valves or catch gates and variable speed drives to ensure the highest level of accuracy is achieved.  All our systems are custom designed to suit our client’s requirements with respect to speed, throughput and accuracy.

We supply a variety of dosing & feeding equipment to suit your specific material requirements from fine powders to granules, liquids and solids.  From belt feeding devices to screw conveyors we can provide the correct solution to handle your materials efficiently and carefully.

Screw Feeders

Dosing screw feeders are generally supplied for applications where accurate dispensing of powders is required.  Such feeders are custom designed to suit the specific materials and throughput requirements.  Feeders can be supplied with tubular or ‘U’ trough casings with removable top plates.

The majority of feeders are supplied with rigid casings and solid shafts with welded flights, however flexi-screws can be supplied where the unit comprises of a curved or flexible tubular casing with a flexible coreless flight helix.  Such systems are useful where elevation is required but a straight feeder body is not achievable.

Single or twin helix agitators are incorporated for difficult materials to reduce bridging and promote a constant flow of material to the feeder flight.

For applications where higher batch sizes and varying throughputs are required specialist feeders can be supplied which include duplex flights of different diameters to increase throughput range whilst maintaining accuracy.  For maximum throughput both flights are run simultaneously and for maximum accuracy just the smaller flight is run.

Vibratory Feeders

Vibratory feeders are extremely versatile and capable of conveying and dosing a wide range of material types from powders to large granules and solids.  These feeders comprise of a trough assembly mounted to a support frame via anti-vibration mounts.  Single or twin vibratory motors are mounted to the trough to provide material movement via amplitude vibration.  Manual adjustment to the feed rate can be made by setting the offset of the motor weights.

For applications where variable speed control is required vibratory feeders with electromagnetic drives are utilised.  Such drive systems can provide instantaneous speed control from 0 – 100% without any speed lag and are typically ideal for weigher feed systems where variable speed control is required to achieve both speed and accuracy.

Both vibratory motor and electromagnetic feeders can be supplied as open tray type or with removable lids and can be manufactured from mild or stainless-steel dependent upon the client’s specific production and physical plant requirements.

Bespoke solutions can also be supplied incorporating multiple inlets and custom trough designs, outlet configurations and discharge gate assemblies.

Belt Feeders

Material dosing can also be provided via belt feeding devices.  Such feeders can provide accurate dispensing of both powder and granule materials and have low impact on the conveyed material due to the gentle nature of the conveying method.  Our belt feeders can be supplied with either constant rate or variable speed drives and can incorporate multiple inlets and discharge catch gates.