FIBC & RIBC Discharging

Raw material suppliers generally provide bulk powders in Rigid containers (RIBC’s) or flexible ‘Big Bags’ (FIBC’s) of varying types and sizes, all of which can be handled, discharged or filled using our range of equipment.

Our discharge stations whether they be for bags or bins are designed to form an enclosed system providing controlled discharge of material to the downstream process without pollution of the surrounding area.

Systems can range from simple RIBC stations to sophisticated FIBC stations incorporating self sealing vibratory tables, neck clamp assemblies with interlocked access door and bag massage systems.  Both bag and bin systems are supplied with integrated surge hoppers providing a sufficient buffer of material to accommodate typical container change over times.

Bespoke FIBC Discharging

Bulk bags without discharge necks can be automatically handled via our FIBC cutting station which replaces the bag support and neck tie sections of the standard discharge station with a static bag cutting system.  This cutting system comprises of a central piercing cone and 4 diagonal blades which cut the bag from corner to corner when lowered into position.

In addition to our standard range of flexible and rigid bin discharge stations we can supply bespoke solutions to your specific discharging and processing requirements providing a single multi-purpose discharge system.

Systems can incorporate numerous station additions including material screening / lump breaking, blending and additive addition to ensure the discharged material falls within the required specification.

Manual Sack Emptying

For materials delivered to site in smaller sacks we offer a range of storage and discharge solutions designed to provide easy, dust free emptying of materials into the production system.  Our ‘rip & tip’ sack tip stations permit manual discharging of powder and pellets and can be supplied with any required storage volume.  The stations are supplied as standard with internal mesh screens and low level detection and can incorporate numerous additional features to enhance functionality and operation.

  • Various storage capacities
  • Automated extraction systems
  • Internal mesh
  • Level monitoring
  • Discharge flange to suit

Automatic Sack Emptying

In addition to our range of manual sack emptying systems CJ Waterhouse co. ltd. also supply automatic sack emptying solutions manufactured by one of our partner companies, Comav.  These machines cut the bag into two or more sections, discharge its contents through a rotating mesh drum and compact the empty sack into a plastic storage sack.

Comav supply a range of machines with throughputs ranging from 150 to 1000 bags per hour and can incorporate either belt in-feed system  for single file bags or fully automated pallet discharger systems.

  • 150 – 1000 bph
  • Auto sack compaction
  • Belt or pallet feed
  • ATEX models available
  • Powders, pellers, flakes