Screening & Sieving

Circular Screens

Circular vibratory screens can be supplied for all product applications from food sectors to aggregate industries in both wet and dry applications.  In such systems the screening assembly is mounted upon reactive springs and can incorporate multiple decks giving up to 4 fraction separations.  Each deck is fitted with a dedicated outlet chute to provide separated material streams.  Machine components and deck assemblies are secured with quick release clamp systems to permit rapid cleaning and mesh changing.

Machines can be supplied in varying diameters to suit materials and throughputs and can incorporate ancillary components such as top covers, material chutes and mesh de-blinding systems.

For simple screening of oversize particles and foreign bodies compact safety screens can be utilised.  Such machines are supplied a single deck units with a central outlet below the mesh screen and incorporate twin outboard vibratory motors providing vertical / horizontal amplitude vibration.  Oversize particles remain upon the mesh until manually removed.

Rip & Tip Screening Systems

For the manual emptying of bags containing powder or granular products. The product contained in the bag is emptied into the hopper and subsequently sieved particles are captured within top deck. Particularly suitable for the food sectors for policing of ingredients. These systems can also be using inline as part of FIBC bag filling / discharge stations.

  • Quick Disassembly
  • Stainless Steel Contact Parts
  • Removable Internal Components
  • Mobile or Fixed Location
  • FDA Approved Seals
  • Compact Design

Linear Screens

Linear Flatbed Vibratory Screens are capable of handling a wide range of materials and particle sizes.  Their vibratory action and use of mesh or perforated plate decks allows fraction separation of product into various streams.  Multi deck units permit separation of up to 4 material fractions.

Such screens can be supplied in both open and fully enclosed trough formats with either reactive spring or rubberised suppression systems.  Drives can be via standard vibratory motor providing single speed operation or electro-magnetic drives to give variable speed control to suit the specific plant requirements.

Units are custom designed to suit the specific materials and physical plant layout and can be supplied in materials from mild steel to 316 grade stainless steel.

Bespoke Screening Solutions & System Integration

Both linear and circular sieves can be custom designed together with bespoke frameworks to allow incorporation within your specific plant process.

From direct bulk bag filling solutions to custom separation systems we can develop a system concept to fulfil your specific separation and sieving requirements.

Sieving units can be incorporated within your existing site equipment and can be utilised not only for separation purposes but also as feeding devices.

Complete process solutions can be provided to embed sieving capability into: conveying systems, filling & discharging systems, weighing applications etc.