Storage, Discharge & Dosing

Material Storage & Discharge

Whatever your material storage and discharge requirements C J Waterhouse Company can supply the correct equipment to fulfil your specific needs. From bulk silos to FIBC discharge stations and sack emptying solutions we can provide a solution to your requirements however your materials are supplied.

Bulk Bag / Bin Discharging

Our discharge stations whether they be for bags or bins are designed to form an enclosed system providing controlled discharge of material to the downstream process without pollution of the surrounding area. Systems can range from simple RIBC stations to sophisticated FIBC stations incorporating self-sealing vibratory tables, neck clamp assemblies with interlocked access door and bag massage systems. Both bag and bin systems are supplied with integrated surge hoppers providing a sufficient buffer of material to accommodate typical container change over times.

Manual Sack Emptying

For materials delivered to site in smaller sacks we offer a range of storage and discharge solutions designed to provide easy, dust free emptying of materials into the production system. Our rip & tip sack tip stations permit manual discharging of powder and pellets and can be supplied with any required storage volume. The stations are supplied as standard with internal mesh screens and low level detection and can incorporate numerous additional features to enhance functionality and operation.

Automated Sack Emptying

In addition to our range of manual sack emptying systems CJ Waterhouse Company Ltd. are also partner company to the Italian engineering company Comav who manufacture fully automated sack emptying systems and bespoke discharge solutions. These systems will automatically open the sacks, discharge their contents into an integrated storage hopper and compact the empty sack into a plastic storage sock. 

Comav supply a range of standard machines with throughputs from 150 to 1000 bags per hour and the in-feed system can either be by inclined conveyor or fully automated pallet discharger.

Material Dosing & Feeding

Feeding and dosing systems are designed to accurately dispense your materials to a specific downstream process, storage vessel or weighing system. For precision dosing systems we incorporate feeder shut off valves or catch gates and variable speed drive systems to ensure the highest level of accuracy is achieved. All our systems are custom designed to suit our client's requirements with respect to speed, throughput and accuracy. We supply a variety of dosing & feeding equipment to suit your specific material requirements from fine powders to granules, liquids and solids. From belt feeding devices to screw conveyors we can provide the correct solution to handle your materials effectively without causing damage.

Screw Feeders

Dosing screw feeders are generally supplied for applications where accurate dispensing of powders to a specific downstream process is required. Such feeders are custom designed to suit the specific materials to be handled and can be supplied to suit any required throughput. The majority of our dosing feeders incorporate variable speed drives and automated shut-off gates for improved accuracy and can be supplied as tubular or as 'u' trough design with removable top covers.

For applications where higher batch sizes are required, specialist feeders can be supplied which include duplex flights of different diameters to increase throughput whilst maintaining accuracy. For maximum throughput both flights are run simultaneously and for maximum accuracy just the smaller flight is run.

Vibratory Feeders

For applications where more granular or larger particle size materials are to be dispensed we can supply trough or tubular vibratory feeders. Such feeders can again incorporate variable speed drives and feeder shut off gates to improve accuracy.

Vibratory systems can also be used to dispense materials from bulk hoppers and can be fitted with manual or automated depth regulation systems to provide a controlled throughput. 

Vibratory feeders can provide extremely accurate dosing of materials due to their constant rate of feed as opposed to screw feeders which can produce a pulsed discharge. As with
screw feeders our vibratory units can also be fitted with shut-off valves or radial catch gates to eliminate feeder over-run and improve accuracy.

Belt Feeders

Material dosing can also be provided via belt feeding devices. Such feeders can provide accurate dispensing of both powder and granule materials and have low impact on the conveyed material due to the gentle nature of the conveying method. Our belt feeders can be supplied with either constant rate or variable speed drives and can incorporate multiple inlets and discharge catch gates.
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