See our equipment in action

Below are some real world examples of some of our solutions in action.

The Smart Cart is a fully automated minor ingredients system providing high accuracy, high throughput, contamination free production of minor ingredient batches. The system can be supplied as either a semi automatic or fully automatic system incorporating automated bag manufacture, placing, sealing and take off.

Turk-key materials handling system for an animal feed supplement manufactures incorporating bulk and semi-bulk material storage & discharge, batch weighing, pneumatic transfer, blending & packing.

Bespoke sachet packing system for automated layering of continuous pre-filled sachet stream into boxes.  The system handles duplex material streams and counts each packet to fill the box to required quantity before cutting the stream.

Bespoke handling system to enable the inclusion of recycled aluminium can lids into the downstream process.  The system incorporates; bulk discharge, separation, elevation, weighing and dosing to provide a turn-key solution.

Sack emptying system providing automated opening and discharging of paper and plastic sacks.  The discarded sacks are discharged into a pressing screw which compacts them into a tubular storage container.  This system incorporates a belt feed conveyor but full pallet discharging systems are available.

Automates sack emptying system incorporating full pallet presentation and discharge system.  The system accepts plastic or paper sacks in palletised format and automatically empties the pallet into the sack emptying machine which opens the sacks and discharges the contents.

Fully automated packing and palletisation line for open mouthed bags.  The system shown is for smaller bag sizes from approx. 300g to 5Kg but larger variants are available for up to 30Kg.  Powders, pellets, flakes & kibble can be handled via differing feed systems.

Prototype dosing system for Fumed Silica material.  The system discharges the material from duplex hoppers by weight directly into trays below.  Feed rate is automatically controlled to maintain a constant depth of material within the tray.

Fully automated bespoke guillotine system for polymer bales.  The machine was designed to accept 1m3 bales and firstly cut off 100mm slices, each slice is then laid down and recut to provide material strips.  The strips then move along the process line for further cutting into cubes.

Bespoke conveyor prototype to permit discharging of a belt conveyor at numerous points along it length.  A series of vertical conveyors positioned along the base conveyor are pneumatically swung into position to diver part or all of the material stream of the base conveyor.